The Federated Innovation and Knowledge Centre was established at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics to stimulate the research and development activity and to assist the exploitation of research achievements at the Faculty, and to perform this activity at university level. To achieve these objectives, EIT basically operates as an R&D service centre.  Its key tasks include initiating cooperation with other Faculties of the University, with other tertiary education institutions, industrial companies, as well as other domestic and international organisations; furthermore, supporting the successful participation of Faculty Departments and Research Groups in domestic and international tenders, and in industrial RDI activities with project preparation and project management services.

The mission of the Knowledge Centre is to organise, support the integrated, coordinated RDI activities on the specialty areas of the Faculty. Research and development and entrepreneuring tasks. The Knowledge Centre initiates, organises and coordinates the joint action of University and non-University research groups, development institutions in externally financed (domestic and international grant applications, contracts) research-development works. The Knowledge Centre promotes and coordinates the utilisation of its own or other University unit's knowledge base, the cooperation with market players of the industry and public administration, the knowledge transfer of the Knowledge Centre and other University creative groups. The Centre has a priority in taking part in knowledge-intensive tasks. In relation to its activities, the Knowledge Centre - with domestic or foreign organisation - may initiate cooperation agreement and may at its own discretion enter such agreements, may perform Faculty and University dissemination and event organisation tasks, and may edit and support the publication of publications and periodicals, and may manage awards. In its sphere of activities, the Knowledge Centre performs all tasks that are prescribed by regulation or the head of the University or Faculty. The Knowledge Centre prepares to train persons to perform tasks requiring special knowledge, to establish and perform internationally recognised, audited examination, to utilise in research-development jobs and cooperations, and in specialised course training the laboratories in its management. The Knowledge Centre performs its scientific, research and development and innovation activities primarily in the - as determined in the MAB Resolution Nr. 2008/8/II.2. - "technical science" discipline and complex cross-disciplinary specialisations related to this discipline in the form of preparation, planning, research, development, testing, utilisation and operation, and the management and quality assurance of processes related to these activities. The operation and management of the Knowledge Centre are governed by the laws and regulations, the legal and other means of university management and leadership, in particular the BME University Senate and the Council of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics.