In order to make sure the project's impact is utilized most effectively, it is inevitable to disseminate project results. An essential element of research and development projects is the practical utilization of the results, which plays a key role in making the acquired professional knowledge, experiences and methods available to the stakeholders.

Dissemination greatly facilitates the delivery of training, curricula, and project implementation experiences, which must be seen as an integral part of the projects throughout the life cycle, right from the start.

From the professional preparation of the project to the end of the maintenance period, the role of dissemination can and must be found.

What we do:

• Organization and development of training of trainers program for higher education teachers
• Development of training syllabi, programs, methodological guidance materials, management of trainings
• Editing and writing brochures, manuals
• Conference organisation, giving special consideration to the target group, the various phases of the project, the period and the venue.
• Web site creation: a well-constructed website is essential to gaining greater visibility and generating wider support for the project.